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Being an effective leader requires having skills in areas that allow you to connect, motivate, and inspire, including:
  • Communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leading through change
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • Coaching for trust and commitment
AMA’s Leadership Skills Training can help you develop and advance these capabilities—allowing you to have greater impact within your organization. Whether you’re a new leader or have years of management experience, the skills to lead have an inherent value in your development and can make a profound and permanent impact on both your professional and your personal success.

Leadership: Top 3 Qualities


Being a leader requires making difficult decisions without losing the confidence of your team — often with additional hurdles, such as time and budget constraints. Our seminars can help you learn how to keep calm and structure your thought process, as well as how to explain your reasoning to win team buy-in.


Leadership is a skill that is practiced over the long term, meaning establishing and maintaining integrity is a vital facet to having the respect of those you wish to lead. Knowing how to go about effectively communicating with high levels of integrity when in a new setting and how to identify situations in which integrity will be publicly tested will help you ensure you are seen as a leader.


Being a leader doesn't mean being an inventor—but it does mean opening yourself up to inventive problem-solving and continually seeking ways to better inspire, catalyze, and achieve. Learn how to foster innovation in others and in yourself, as well as how to implement research, risk analysis, and testing measures to take that innovation to the next level.

Top 5 Leadership Skills

Though most think leadership ability is something you’re born with, many of the greatest leaders of our time have learned and methodically honed their craft over time. Doing so requires first identifying the qualities people look for in a leader. Luckily, a recent Harvard Business Review article did just that, asking participants around the world to pinpoint the skills they associate with leadership. The findings that emerged identified several primary themes: self-motivation, ability to foster connection, and ethics.

Here were some of the skills that made the list:

  • Communication skills
  • Team building
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Delegation

Communication Skills

Being an effective communicator is comprised of many different skill sets, from being able to communicate your ask clearly to presenting your views with authority and persuasiveness. In addition, leaders need to be adept not only at achieving these outcomes with their typical work team, but at being able to replicate them across new settings and audiences. That means taking the time to learn the primary tenets of communication.

Team Building

Leaders need to foster camaraderie and collaboration between the team members they oversee. That means identifying their strengths and passions, establishing clear but malleable frameworks for collaboration, keeping fairness top-of-mind to avoid inter-team resentments, and building out incentive models that reward working toward a common goal.


The best leaders are ones capable of demonstrating the work — and workplace culture — they wish to inspire. That means rolling up their sleeves and becoming one with the team. Our training sessions will help you become an expert collaborator by instilling essential subskills, such as trust, close listening, open-mindedness and organization.


Being a leader doesn't mean being an inventor—but it does mean opening yourself up to inventive problem-solving and continually seeking ways to better inspire, catalyze, and achieve. Learn how to foster innovation in others and in yourself, as well as how to implement research, risk analysis, and testing measures to take that innovation to the next level.


Running a team that executes on time and on task means ensuring you are not acting as a bottleneck in the collaborative process. However, delegating effectively often poses a challenge for perfectionists who wish to oversee every detail. Learn to delegate better by learning how to identify team members’ key strengths, how to clearly communicate project needs, and how to provide feedback that gets you to the desired end product.

Ready to develop your delegation skills? Explore AMA’s Delegation Bootcamp


For nearly a century, the American Management Association (AMA) has been known for highly effective leadership training and has become a reliable and trusted partner for organizations around the globe. With AMA’s highly interactive, expert-led learning solutions, both virtual and in-personyou and your business can be confident of high-impact, results-focused training experiences aligned to your exact goals.



“This preparing for leadership program covered so many aspects of leadership from leadership style, professional persona, organizational politics to how to deal with difficult staff. Great program for emerging leaders.”

- Grace L., Assistant Property Manager, Real Estate
Preparing for Leadership: What it Takes to Lead, Apr 2021


“The training was helpful to increase my knowledge of Emotional Intelligence. The activities allowed me to consider the perspectives of others and determine options regarding how to address a situation proactively.”

- Alexandria  C., Process Excellence Engineer​​, Engineering
Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Apr 2021

AMA Leadership Courses

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

Develop increased self-awareness and regulation when managing emotions, learn to convey a sense of stability and reliance so others are confident in your ability to manage yourself, deal effectively with people, and more. AMA courses in this area include:

Women's Leadership Courses

For women focused on navigating their careers toward growth, these seminars offer skills that help develop leadership ability and presence, influence, negotiation and assertiveness, strategic networking and more. AMA courses in this area include: 

Executive Leadership

Create executive presence and develop knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to inspire people and teams and to deal with the complexities of managing people. Also learn to lead and influence during times of change. AMA courses include:

Essential Leadership Skills

Prepare for leadership with the vital skills needed for emerging leaders; learn techniques to increase personal effectiveness as a leader; build skills that help you hone team excellence; personal and organizational excellence, and more. AMA courses include:

Leading in Virtual and Hybrid Environments

Build effective skills for leadership and coaching that can be applied in flexible work environments, lead effectively across such barriers as different time zones by developing trust and collaborative relationships, and hone related skills that position you for success amidst rapidly changing professional norms. AMA courses include:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Develop skills that focus on communication and behaviors that contribute to more inclusivity, learn how to build a diverse and inclusive culture where people thrive, discover how to drive cultural change and increase understanding of multicultural differences, and adopt modern and comprehensive approaches to DEIB. AMA courses include:

Leadership with a Coaching Mindset 

Learn coaching skills and strategies to increase team productivity, unleash potential and improve performance, including skills in coaching virtual and hybrid teams. AMA courses include:

Inspiring People and Performance

Enhance your leadership skills to go beyond incentivizing rote execution and, instead, inspiring your team to achieve new heights of efficiency and innovation. AMA courses include:

AMA’s In-Person & Live Virtual Leadership Workshops

AMA offers a variety of flexible online learning options as well as in-person training to fit individual learning preferences and make it easy to keep development and business goals on track during this challenging situation. 

In-Person Seminars

These are traditional seminars that take place in a classroom. 

Live Online Seminars

AMA offers online learning through our Live Online and OnDemand courses. Live Online offers a virtual class experience, while OnDemand is geared toward self-paced individual learning.

Other Trainings for the Leadership Track

AMA offers a wide range of courses and training, many of which enhance leadership skills and teach critical business skills. 

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