Connect and experience essential skills women need for the global workplace

AMA’s Women’s Leadership Center is excited to announce AMA’s Women’s Leadership Global Conference 2022, coming in September. Designed to address the challenges and opportunities facing women in 2022, it promises to be one of the most diverse, informative, impactful and energizing conferences AMA has ever offered.

Individuals and teams can immerse themselves in this day-and-a-half event that offers women more global opportunities than ever to connect, network, learn crucial new skills, and explore and find solutions for today’s tough challenges. It can be experienced in person in NYC, or virtually in real time with fully interactive workshops and networking activities.

This conference will not only support the women in your organization—as a leader—we invite you and your colleagues to join us to discover strategies and best practices on how to bring your diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging practices to life. Learn actionable steps on how to build a successful women's leadership initiative and reach your desired goals for the future women leaders in your organization.

Attendance is strictly limited, so we strongly encourage you to reserve your spot now—or make a reservation for your entire team.

2 Ways to Experience This Groundbreaking Event



Learn and engage with fellow participants in New York City, with interactive workshop sessions, group activities, networking, one-on-one discovery opportunities with expert facilitators and much more.

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Livestream panel discussions and keynote events, participate virtually in interactive workshop sessions and group activities, network and engage with attendees and facilitators, access on demand playback, and much more.

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